3D Pen Printer

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This really cool 3D Pen printer from AIO Robotics definitely change the game. With this 3D Pen, you’ll be able to draw in 3D, but you need to be careful. With the 3D Pen temperatures on this printer go from 100 to 190 degrees Celsius.

In order to get powered this need to be plugged (A/C adapter) in whatsoever, you get everything inside the box to get it up and running.

The OLED screen on the side is really good and helpful so you can adjust the temperature and the speed. With five different speeds, that’s gonna help you control the overall detail of what you’re drawing. With this 3D Pen, the temperatures go from 100 to 190 degrees Celsius you definitely got to be careful what you’re doing with this gadget.

Using a 1.75-millimetre diameter filament and it does come with two colors of PLA plastic. Whatsoever inside the package, you’ll also find a manual, A/C adapter, cable, and an ergonomic touch pen.

The 3D AIO Pen is genuinely fun to try with different creations.

The only cons are the temperature range will not go to 200 degrees Celsius and this doesn’t work with other higher temperatures filaments.

It’s a really good gift for kids and tech geek, this could be a really awesome gift for them. The 3D Pen is very good quality so when you draw with this will be very comfortable. At high temperatures, the pen will not feel too hot.

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301 shares, 23 points


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